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Lowly Light - Cosmic Hearts

Lowly Light - Cosmic Hearts

Sonntag, 22 Oktober 2023
02:40 Uhr
Autor: Stefan

Lowly Light is the pseudonym for award-winning songwriter / producer Matt Gorny. For over 10 years, Gorny has  written music and recorded vocals for dance artists such as Ultra Naté, Amanda Lepore and Luca Perra. Since 2021, 
he’s been pushing out of his comfort zone as a solo artist and embracing the opportunity to combine infectious melodies and tight percussion with electronic dance production.

The sound of Lowly Light is an ever-evolving journey, from the funky and soulful single “Do You Feel Me” to nu-disco jams “Get Over Yourself” and “Cosmic Hearts”. The 2022 single “Do You Feel Me” cracked the Spotify algorithm with over 100k streams. 

The latest single from Lowly Light is “Cosmic Hearts” – a thumping slice of nu disco goodness with vocal adlibs weaving into the guitar hook reminiscent of Daft Punk and The Weeknd. This feel-good dance song is about visualizing 
oneself as a singular object in space, pulling in the attention of another as a planet does with a passing comet.

With its pulsating rhythms, sparkling synths and ethereal melodies 'Cosmic Hearts' is a catchy, nu disco tune that draws in listeners and keeps them dancing!