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Anne Blum - Won´t Let Myself Down

Anne Blum  - Won´t Let Myself Down

Freitag, 29 April 2022
21:51 Uhr
Autor: Stefan

The song "Won't Let Myself Down" is the latest single by singer Anne Blum. The song is about staying strong in life. Anne sings about the moments when it is difficult to hold on and start all over again. "Won't Let Myself Down" was recorded together with musician friends. The French violinist Heloise Lefebvre came to their attention on the internet and they were able to win her for the song. Credits Text & Musik: Anne Blum, André Horstmann Keyboard: Christoph Städler Drums: Bernie Städler Bass: Matthias Tröndle Violin: Heloise Lefebvre Guitar:

André Horstmann Programming: Simon Nehlert Mix & Produktion: André Horstmann Mastering: Adam Ayan, Gateway Mastering Recorded in: Powerplay Studio, Maur Neuwerk Studio, Lahr Artwork: Sophia Yang Discography Break Free (Album) Behind Closed Doors (Album)