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NIzhNA - Running

NIzhNA - Running

Sonntag, 04 Februar 2024
02:33 Uhr
Autor: Stefan

We are a company called Eshed Music & Art. We represent and promote musicians and their music from all genres worldwide.

Now, NIzhNA presents her latest single, "Running, " a very catchy Pop song that was written by an expert international team. NIzhNA's early music videos were found by the famous lyricist Charle Mason, who was coauthor of the Eurovision's 2014 winning song "Rise like a Phoenix" by Conchita Wurst, and he offered a collaboration with NIzhNA on a new song for the Eurovision Song Contest, and thus, "Running" was born. The track was submitted to the Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian Eurovision qualifiers, but it ultimately was not selected.

NIzhNA is a professional singer who moved from Ukraine to Norway. She and her husband, Mykola, are a recording couple now based in Bergen, creating music amidst beautiful Norwegian scenery. Stay tuned!