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Preztone - FOR YOU

Preztone - FOR YOU

Freitag, 08 März 2024
17:18 Uhr
Autor: Stefan

We are a company called Eshed Music & Art. We represent and promote musicians and their music from all genres worldwide.

Preztone (Toon Porrez) was born in the 1980s in Ghent, Belgium. Having a DJ dad, he grew up surrounded by music and vinyl records. In his teenage years, Preztone spent much time every week in record stores exploring the newest music and developing his passion. Later in life he became an entrepreneur and started a lounge bar in Ghent that turned into a dancing club after two years, and during this time his DJ career took off. He was simultaneously discovered by a photographer, and became a successful model in addition to his nightlife career.

Over the years, Preztone has built a large audience and played numerous gigs in the Ghentian night scene and across the country. His monthly event, Love Boat Party, became an iconic sensation in the city. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he channeled the challenges and inspirations of the period into creating music, finally realizing his long-held dream of becoming a music producer. Since May 21st 2021, he has produced several songs, including covers, remixes, and original tracks. Preztone's most-streamed song on
Spotify, "Spaceship," has garnered over 187,000 streams, followed closely by "Pay Up" and "Come Closer." His music, a blend of pop, tropical house, and deep house, has captured audiences around the world and has been featured on radio stations internationally. Now, Preztone presents his latest single, "For You," a soulful tune that will keep you listening!