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Leah Martin-Brown - Boys

Leah Martin-Brown - Boys

Montag, 25 März 2024
12:54 Uhr
Autor: Stefan

Leah Martin-Brown's Dream Becomes Reality with Release of Debut Single "Boys".

Australia's vibrant rock/pop sensation Leah Martin-Brown is living proof that dreams can come true. From the tender age of 11, Leah harbored a singular ambition: to collaborate with legendary producer Mutt Lange. Now, on March 1st, 2024, her dream takes flight as she unveils her debut single, "Boys," to the world.

Renowned for his work with icons like AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Shania Twain, Mutt Lange needs no introduction. Leah's journey traces back to her early fascination with AC/DC at the age of 10. Enthralled by the electrifying sounds of "Hells Bells," she delved into the production wizardry of Mutt Lange, vowing to one day join forces with him.

Fast forward through a whirlwind of performances captivating audiences worldwide with her band "Evol Walks," Leah poured her heart and soul into her craft. From countless songwriting sessions to tireless studio recordings and a move to Los Angeles to pursue her musical aspirations, Leah's dedication knows no bounds.

Now, in 2024, Leah Martin-Brown stands on the precipice of her solo career, poised to unleash "Boys," the first taste of her forthcoming album produced by the incomparable Mutt Lange alongside the remarkable Tony Nilsson. With every chord strummed, every note sung, and every obstacle overcome, Leah embodies the unwavering spirit of chasing dreams.

"I'll never forget the moment when my manager, Jens Lundberg, presented this opportunity to me," recalls Leah. "Amidst a cold, rainy evening in Stockholm back in 2021, it was a resounding 'HELL YES' from me."

As "Boys" prepares to make its debut across global platforms, Leah reflects on the journey that brought her here. "This song is a heavy pop anthem with attitude, a true reflection of the album's sound," she explains. "And working with Mutt Lange and Tony Nilsson has been an absolute dream come true."

Beyond her musical pursuits, Leah remains a beacon of empowerment, celebrating sobriety for over 4.5 years and championing causes for mental health awareness. With a Bachelor of Popular Music and a Post Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Music, Leah's expertise is matched only by her passion.

Leah has previously collaborated with industry heavyweights like Dan Jacobs, Travis Miguel, and Jake Pitts and shared stages with luminaries such as Nita Strauss and Johnny Depp, Leah's star continues to rise.

Signed to MGM Entertainment worldwide and MMS/Virgin for the Nordic region, Leah's magnetic presence transcends borders, inspiring audiences from all walks of life. As "Boys" marks the dawn of a new chapter, Leah Martin-Brown invites the world to join her on this exhilarating journey of music, empowerment, and dreams realized.

Quelle: ipluggers