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Dj Remo - Like a river

Dj Remo - Like a river

Samstag, 27 April 2024
01:28 Uhr
Autor: Stefan

We are a company called Eshed Music & Art. We represent and promote musicians and their music across all genres worldwide.

DJ Remo is a Polish DJ, record producer and owner of the Polish record label My Music, with a decades-long career that started by him playing Poznań clubs in 1994. After the very well-received single "On my mind", it's time for a new EDM song. Due to the fact
that DJ Remo returned to the music market after over a decade, he promises us that he will publish new singles every month.

That's why the next song is announced for May 2024. DJ Remo's dream is to gain a million listeners on Spotify in 5 years on his 50th birthday and organize a birthday party at a local stadium in Poland (Poznań). We keep our fingers crossed for the very ambitious plans of the Polish DJ and producer.

DJ Remo presents the song "Like a river," a track that has everything to become a global hit on the radio and on playlists.
Whether this happens, however, depends on luck and the listeners. Stay Tuned!

Quelle: Eshed Music Art