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NIzhNA - Never Too Late

NIzhNA - Never Too Late

Samstag, 09 September 2023
00:09 Uhr
Autor: Stefan

We are a company called Eshed Music & Art. We represent and promote musicians and their music from all genres worldwide. NIzhNA is a professional singer who moved from Ukraine to Norway. She and her husband, Mykola, are a recording couple who had to turn their backs on a successful career in their native land and needed to transform themselves in the bosom of another home.

Now based in Bergen, living and creating music in beautiful Norwegian scenery, she has been recording previously written tracks that were unable to be worked on due to the constant black outs and air raid warnings. Despite experiencing terrible events in the past, NIzhNA has come to the decision that she wants to keep her mindset positive, and her motto is "I sing to make you dance and feel alive.”

The new single, ”Never Too Late,” is a departure from NIzhNA’s dance-oriented work. This guitar-driven song with a barely perceptible beat is a beautiful, tender and flowing track, and sends a powerful message of perseverance. ”Never Too Late” is NIzhNA’s way of giving back to the world that has seen her endure both love and devastation in equal measure.